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VR Revolution in Architectural Visualization

Interactive solutions as virtual, augmented and mixed reality are undoubtedly the future – and for our clients, present – of communicating architectural design. Thanks to game-changing technologies, we can discover and even get an overall feeling of a yet not built development and its environment.

Brick Visual is a high-end architectural visualization company that communicates design in various visual languages from still images to motion pictures and from 2016, virtual and augmented reality. Beside Brick has always had an unmistakable artistic style and been enthusiastic about harvesting the latest technologies, investing in research and development was inevitable. Brick’s R&D team was established to develop cutting edge solutions, enhance existing technologies and optimize own and archviz industry processes. This team leads the development of virtual and augmented reality solutions that can translate design into understandable and captivating, immersive visualizations based on our architectural expertise.


– Static 360 VR –

Explore projects in static 360 panoramic virtual reality – the next step in communicating your design.

– AR Solutions –

Augmented reality visualizations enable you to observe designs projected into physical space.             -  

– Real Time VR –

Take a walk inside future environments and experience space as never before with real time VR solutions.


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